Born in Madrid (Spain) to a german family,Paloma Brinkmann is a professional photographer,specialised in architectural and documentary photography.She has been Director of Photographic Projects at the Master of Arts Degree of the SIT ( School for International Training ) of the University of Vermont (U.S.A), she is teacher of Photography at the School of Art of Granada,Spain,and member of the spanish Association of Female Cinematographers and Media ( CIMA).

As child she began to appreciate photography by the photographs her father,archaeloge and Professor of german language, made of the archaelogical sites were he worked for the German Archaelogical Society.

Her grandfather, Wilhelm Brinkmann ,transmitted to her his two passions,piano and Photography. 

Many years later she discovered the exceptional photographic reportages her grandfather made in Ucrania at the II World War as young officer of the German Army.

She took her first Photography classes at de Waldorfschule of Bremen,Germany,at de age of 14.

After studying Photography with Vicente del Amo (former student of Otto Steinert ) and Art History at the University of Granada (Spain) she spent two years as Investigator at the National Library of Madrid ( Spain).She improved her formation in Germany with J. Van der Rope,ingenier and photographer and former student of Bern and Hilla Becher.In the 90´s she develops her main photographic work in Asia making documentary reportages for several agencies.

In 2008 she got the prestigious Lux award ( National Professional Photographic Award) for her reportage about migration and rural population in the low Alpujarra of Sierra Nevada ( Spain) " Contraviesa : geografía interior ".


Her work has been exhibited in Spain, France, United Kingdom,Germany,Switzerland,Österreich,New York,Malaysia and Hong Kong.